Our Team Promise To You

At Phoenix Cancer Institute, our doctors have clinical and research expertise in the latest innovations in hematology, oncology and internal medicine. But more than that, they – along with every member of their team – believe that leading oncological care means treating every patient like they would their own family.

That’s why we created the PCI Patient Promise

To put your needs before our own

To provide you the most personalized approach independent of reimbursement rates

To provide timely treatment and accessibility to our care team

To seek grant support for every patient

To provide you best-in-class cancer care regardless of your circumstances

To not overuse diagnostic testing, imaging labs or non-essential procedures and medications

To not turn away any patient for financial reasons

To not overuse fee for service charges that increase patient co-pays

Dr. Steven Rosinski

MD, Ph.D. Hematology and Oncology

Steven is an advocate for his patients. He truly believes that with a team approach and personalized care, his patients can continue to enjoy a good quality of life.

Dr. Kellie Rosinski

MD, Ph.D. Internal Medicine

Kellie wants everyone who comes to Phoenix Cancer Institute to know that our doctors and staff have the expertise to help, and for every patient to feel like they belong to a family community they can count on.

Dr. Willis

MD Radiation Oncology

Dr. Norman Willis is a board-certified Radiation Oncologist. He received his bachelor’s and MD degrees from UCLA, following which he completed a combined surgical internship and first year residency at UCLA followed by a residency in Radiation Oncology. Dr. Willis places a priority on developing a personal relationship with his patients to better guide them through their treatment decisions, the treatments themselves, and their follow-up care.

Brianda Serrano


Brianda exudes positivity as she manages the operations of the Phoenix Cancer Institute. She wants patient families to truly feel welcomed and to know they have a champion in her to navigate through any challenge.

Lena Franklin

Medical Scribe

I decided to join PCI to be a part of a field where I can give the same care and quality my brother was once given during his battle with cancer. As a medical scribe, I will achieve my goal by partnering alongside physicians to deliver the pinnacle of efficient patient care.

Jesika Lujan

Patient Success Coordinator

Jesika has an amazing love for people and is a Bullhead City native. She helps patients navigate the entire process from becoming a new patient, to guiding coordination of their care plan, to ensuring tests, studies, and referrals are completed quickly.

Kimberly England CPHT

Admixture Tech

Kimberly decided to join the Phoenix Cancer Institute team because of the caring family atmosphere. She has worked as a Certified Medical Assistant in oncology for over 10 years and has recently transitioned into the role of Admixture Tech. Her dedication and hard work are vital to the success of the clinic.

Iltse Bernal


I joined the phoenix cancer team because of their care and compassion towards patients. This office goes above and beyond for their patients and that really motivated me to want to be a part of the team, so I as well could take care of patients with the same compassion. I want patients to feel they are being treated like if they are family. I want them to feel like this is a safe place for them and it does not have to be so scary while they are getting treatment.

Diana Espinoza

Medical Assistant

I have lived in bullhead City most of my life. My family means everything to me, which is why I chose to work with the PCI team. I love the atmosphere here; it does not feel like work. It feels like home. The doctors truly work hard to make a difference in every single one of their patients’ lives. I love working here because we are all compassionate, and understanding not only our patients but also their families.

Cristian Serrano

Patient Advocate

I am a Bullhead City native . I joined the team because I have family in the medical field and want to help out how they have. I am excited to help out my community, and I feel I can accomplish it through patient advocacy.

Jasmine Navarro

New Patient & Radiology Coordinator

Jazmin grew up in Bullhead City, AZ. She has worked in the medical field for eight years. Jazmin is very committed and dedicated in helping patients in their needs. She decided to join the PCI family because she saw the dedication everyone had to always strive to give the best care as possible.

Paislee Ferguson

Medical Assistant

I love working at PCI because the level of care is exactly what my grandfather needed when he was going through cancer treatment. The doctors go above and beyond to provide not only the best care for their patients, but also the highest amount of empathy I have ever seen at a healthcare facility. I love the warm and welcoming atmosphere that the whole staff has provided since my first day. PCI feels like a second family and I hope I can deliver the same feeling to all of our patients

Hugh Andrew Rosett PA-C

I lost my father to heart disease when I was a young child. Although I couldn’t grasp the magnitude of what happened then it ultimately had a profound impact on me as I grew up. As a young adult I worked as a personal trainer with an emphasis on preventive medicine while pursuing my degrees. Since becoming a physician assistant I have worked with a variety of patients to help manage various chronic conditions. All of my past experiences culminated with the transition to the field of hematology and oncology. By entrusting me to manage your health my goal is not only to add years to your life but to also add life to your years.

John Turner RTT

John Turner is an enthusiastic Radiation Therapist eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. John prides himself on taking Care of the needs of his patients, and Likes to treat them as people, not as a case. John Recently Moved to Bullhead city to take the Lead Radiation therapist role here at PCI.

Victor Serrano CPHT

I joined the Phoenix Cancer Institute team because of the wonderful teamwork that is done for each patient. I love how each patient is taken care of from the initial appointment all the way to their continued care. Treating our patients like family is a big staple for me and that is exactly how our patients are treated. It brings me great joy to be able to help the community where I grew up.

Angelica Rodriguez

Nurse Extern

My name is Angelica and I have medical experience in both hospital and private practice settings. I joined PCI because of the dedication to provide top care to our patients, no matter the circumstance. The workplace atmosphere combined with our patient goals and promises were a perfect fit for me. This remains true and I am grateful for the patients I’ve gotten to meet during my time here and look forward to continuing serving the members in our community.

Karen Magallanes RTT

I joined Phoenix Cancer Institute to help people through very difficult times. It’s great being a part of a team that puts people first and prioritizes compassionate care.

Indy Torres RN

My name is Indy and I joined Phoenix Cancer and Blood Disorder Treatment Institute because I was interested in specialty nursing. I wasn’t aware that our looked into PCI. I was impressed with the team promise, mission, and values and decided to join. I love working with a close group of people, learning new enough time to get to know the people we treat. Our patients aren’t just a number when they come through our doors.