For Our Families

At Phoenix Cancer Institute, we understand that a cancer diagnosis affects not just the patient, but the entire family. Treating our patients like family also means taking care of their loved ones during this stressful and difficult time.

The Care Process

We’ll work with your loved one to determine the best course of action for their specific type of cancer. Thanks to advances in diagnostics, through our partners, we can provide the level of precision medicine previously only available through academic medical centers, allowing us to truly tailor each patient’s treatment, in a community setting.

Planning for the Future

An important part of helping your loved one through this journey is knowing what they want, in terms of treatment, financial and legacy planning, and more. We have the resources to help.


Just as all cancer is not the same, not all people are the same. Your loved one will experience a range of emotions and physical changes during their treatment. We have support groups and events for friends and family, as well as patients, that can help manage the challenges ahead.


Often, a cancer diagnosis brings more questions than answers. What emotions is my loved one experiencing? How can I help them during this difficult time? How can I deal with my stress without upsetting them? You’re not alone in this, and we have answers to some of your common questions and concerns.