Our Team Promise To You

At Phoenix Cancer Institute, our doctors have clinical and research expertise in the latest innovations in hematology, oncology and internal medicine. But more than that, they – along with every member of their team – believe that leading oncological care means treating every patient like they would their own family.

Feelings and Cancer

Cancer can bring up a wide range of feelings, whether you’re in treatment now, done with treatment, or a friend or family member. Learn tips for coping with the many emotions that arise with cancer.

Adjusting to Cancer

Information that helps you and your family face life’s changes from cancer. Includes talking with your doctors, talking to children, changes for the family, and information on cancer support groups.

Self-Image & Sexuality

Cancer and its treatment can affect how you look and feel about yourself and your body. There are steps you can take to cope with body changes and issues related to sexuality and intimacy.